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On submission of this form, a Fee will be confirmed in due course.

Fees are charged based upon estimated cost of work (or floor area in respect of domestic extensions), or will be in accordance with quoted fees if this has been predetermined. All fees are charged in accordance with Aedis Regulatory Services Ltd ‘Standard Terms and Conditions – Building Control’ which are available upon request or downloadable from our website at. Generally, payment of a validation or ‘plan’ fee will be required within five working days to validate an application and where this has not been paid up front with the application (by cheque, bacs or credit/debit card), the payment team will contact the payee to arrange for telephone payment to be taken by credit/debit card. Where terms have been pre-agreed with the finance department which differ from this then the specific terms will take precedent. The remaining 75% of total fees or ‘site’ fee will become payable when work commences and will be collected in the same manner.

I hereby agree to Aedis Regulatory Services Ltd signing the Initial notice on behalf of the client in relation to this application. The total agreed fee payable for the Building Control services is as stated below, plus VAT at the rate prevailing at the time of invoicing.

Aedis Regulatory Services Ltd will not share this data with third parties. Part of Aedis.

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