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We are a leading provider of Training & CPD services. We can provide training services to meet the specific needs of individuals, businesses and projects irrespective of size, type or location.

Standard training & CPD courses include:

  • What is Building Control?
  • Approved Documents: The Latest Updates & Guidance
  • Project Specific Training. Examples including: office fit outs, stadia, industrial premises, education, care homes. 

Aedis Training was born out of the need to provide fully qualified 'grow our own’ surveyors to the main Aedis business stream of a corporate approved inspector. This is achieved by:

  • Facilitating staff entry to professional bodies (upskilling existing staff members to attain professional qualifications)
  • Creation of a graduate training scheme for newly qualified graduates entering the sphere of building control. Initially this will be an in-house programme but it is to be further developed and run in conjunction with an education awards body and with the support of the ACAI.

Through this work, Aedis Training has evolved and is able to deliver a range of value-for-money training through the provision of:

  • A national CPD presentation programme in conjunction with professional bodies and manufacturers.
  • A range of training courses delivered by our own in-house experts related to our construction services.

We recognise the benefit of training in increased performance from staff members. This will then drive and enhance business performance and standards across the construction industries. Ultimately this will deliver a better working environment, building compliance, sustainability and safety.


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