Hackitt takes the Headlines at CABE 2018 4th October 2018


This year the ‘sold out’ signs were up well in advance CABE’s annual conference.

The programme included industry leading experts discussing the built environment, with Dame Judith Hackett undoubtedly grabbing the pre-event headlines.

Dame Judith certainly didn’t hold back in her ‘Keynote Address’, speaking openly about why it has taken a tragedy to wake everyone up to the need for a change in construction industry culture. Commenting “People are looking for quick fixes, but they need to understand that root and branch reform is required.”

 She spoke about the fact that we need to change the way construction thinks and acts as an industry but stressed her belief that this is achievable, referring to a time when construction health and safety was viewed a problem to crack – but noted we have succeeded.

She also raised the issue of competency, acknowledging the many competency schemes currently in operation stating, “We have many people working at different levels. We need to understand these…and people need to know what is expected from them and… make sure those who are not fully compliant are properly supervised.”

A key part of her speech clarified the role of the Approved Inspector, Judith said: "There is no reason why Approved Inspectors can't be part of the Joint Competent Authority, there just can't be a conflict of interest”.

Aedis are working hard to ensure we are well represented in the debate alongside the ACAI (Association of Consult Approved Inspectors).

Our Training programme is industry leading and we will continue to fly and raise our own competency flag. We are rightly proud of the staff we have and continue to offer them the best possible support to help raise competency standards within our business and the wider profession.

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